“What will you do with your one, wild and precious life?”*
We love this question, posed by poet Mary Oliver.*  We also think it’s God’s question.  And it’s an invitation into the heart of Grace Seeds Ministry:  a kind of greenhouse* where we’re trying to pay attention to the seeds of God’s love, justice and peace that are germinating in us, in our communities and in the world God loves.   A greenhouse:  where our seedling responses to God’s question are nurtured, tended and challenged to become stronger.  A greenhouse:  that encourages us to transplant those seedlings into our communities so that God’s grace will grow in new and transforming ways.  A greenhouse with doors and windows that open wide to let the Spirit blow through and send us wherever God chooses.

At Grace Seeds Ministry we believe that all good that grows is rooted in God’s grace:   the wonder and mystery of God’s love poured out for the whole world. Transforming despair into hope.  Hate into love.   Brokenness to wholeness. Surprising us with joy.

God’s grace:  inviting us into new life and community. Daring us to risk the invitation and the journey.

God’s Grace:  that calls our names,  claims us as beloved and sends us into the world sustained by what Jesus offered through the bread and cup.

God’s Grace:  that never stops asking and inviting:

“What will you do with your one, wild and precious life?”*

*Poem citation

*Greenhouse Ministry citation


*Reference to Greenhouse Ministry


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