Homemade Hygiene & Cleaning Products

In light of our dedication to caring for creation, we have done some research and compiled a few resources in regards to making your own hygiene and cleaning products! Many commercial products contain wasteful packaging and chemicals that are hazardous for both our bodies and the environment.

As always, if you have a recipe of your own, please let us know about it! Email clarissa@graceseedsministry.org.

Personal hygiene products

Homemade Shampoo from Sustainable Baby Steps

Homemade Body Wash from DIY Natural -Choose your own essential oils for your skin type and desired scent! Clarissa featured this in a demonstration at our Spring Gathering 4/5/2014

Homemade Shampoo from DIY Natural -This webpage also has tips for oily hair, static control, etc.

cleaning products

Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Solutions from eartheasy –This page has TONS of solutions for all your cleaning needs from dishwasher soap to furniture polish to oven cleaners and MORE! A great resource! Clarissa featured the All-Purpose Cleaner in a demonstration at our Spring Gathering 4/5/2014

Homemade Natural Laundry Detergent from Mommypotamus blog.

Homemade Laundry Soap from the blog of 2013-2014 Boston YAV, Alex Haney! (Since he posted this, he has revised the recipe using washing soda instead of baking soda! He says it works better on stains. Also, use 2 1/2 Tablespoons per each large load!)

*It is important to note that the safety of Borax is questionable. Most of the time it’s not a problem unless ingested, but you need to be careful with it! Do your own research on this and make the decision that’s best for you and your family!


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