Cookbook Project

Welcome to Share the Harvest’s Family Cookbook!

*Share the Harvest is a project of Grace Seeds Ministry. Learn more about Share the Harvest by clicking on its tab at the top of this webpage.


Grace Seeds Ministry  and Share the Harvest are proud to present to you our family cookbook! We have compiled all of your food memories and recipes here to share with all of our partners. We are keeping this cookbook mostly electronic out of consideration for the environment, and ease of editing when people send more recipes!* This project is not stagnant, but will continue to grow and develop as our partners and stories do.

Our vision for this project is that it will provide tangible evidence of our network of ministry partners. It will be a collection that ties us all together, and extends our invitation to other partners in ministry.

*We realize that not all of our partners may have internet access. If you or someone you know does not have regular internet access but would like a copy of our cookbook, leave a comment on this webpage or send us an email so we can give you a hard copy or CD with recipes.

Do you have a family recipe or food story to share?
Here are a few options of how you can share them with us:
  • Send to
  • Private message to Grace Seeds Ministry on Facebook
  • Give Linda or Clarissa a hard copy

Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and stories with us!
We look forward to reading and recreating those memories!


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