Here is a collection of online cooking-related resources that may come in handy!

Greater Chicago Food Depository Online Resource Materials : This webpage has links to several resources from GCFD and other organizations in regards to ingredient substitution, food storage, and many more! This is definitely worth exploring.

Cook’s Thesaurus: A wonderful website with a wealth of information on all kinds of foods. It lists and describes any ingredients you could think of and also has suggestions of flavors to accompany it. Are shellpeas and shellies the same thing? Find the answer to this and any other food-related questions here!

Choose My Plate: Healthy Eating on a Budget : This page has several links to helpful articles with tricks and tips for eating healthy without breaking the bank! Baking with Sugar and Sugar Substitutes : This page has tons of information about using honey and other things as sugar substitutes!

University of Illinois Extension Nutrition & Health Resources : Our friends at Extension have links on their webpage to several GREAT resources about gardening, modifying recipes, educational activities, and more!


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